Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Street Sandwich

I feel there are two types of "Bombay" sandwiches. One that you buy from the street vendor and the one you get (or used to get) at the movie theatres. I haven't gotten chance to go to the multiplexes so don't know if they too serve it. (I mean Globus is something alien to me, New Talkies was the landmark, and Bandra Talkies brings back some happy memories but Suburbia sounds different. So I don't know if Suburbia and Globus still have what New Talkies and Bandra Talkies used to serve! :-). Though the concept is same, the street vendor used to put many more veggies and the theatre one used to have cucumbers and tomatoes only. Since we used to gorge on the street vendor sandwich right outside my college, I am going to share that recipe with you. So let's start with the most essential part of the sandwich - bread!

When I was growing up in Mumbai, there were quite a few sliced bread brands like Wibs, Bimbo, Britannia. Our sandwichwala always used Britannia. and there were innumerable varieties available at our local Bandra bakeries including wheat bread to which we used to call "brown bread" then. But I used to love "Bimbo" for that cute elephant on top of the wrapper. Later, I was told that their bread bakery at Mahim was closed down during riots. I don't know if they have re-opened it or not. Anyways, in Mumbai, when made Sandwich at home, I used to insist on Bimbo that time. Probably, today I will surely insist on wheat bread as it is healthier. but Bimbo is associated with my childhood.

Alrighty then, here's my version now.

Mumbai Street Sandwich
2 slices or as many as you want white bread (I used wheat bread here!)
1 recipe sandwich chutney
Amul butter
Cucumber slices, peeled & thinly sliced
Tomato slices, thinly sliced
Boiled potato slices, peeled & thinly sliced
Boiled beetroot slices, peeled & thinly sliced
Red onion slices (optional), peeled & thinly sliced
A generous pinch of sandwich masala or chaat amsala

1. Spread Amul butter generously on the slices of bread.
2. Spread sandwich chutney generously on top.
3. Layer cucumber slices, tomato slices, potato slices & STOP!
4. Now, on potatoes, sprinkle sandwich masala or chaat masala.
5. Now continue layering with beetroot and onions - if using.
6. Add another slice on top.
7. Cut the sandwich diagonally to make 4 equilateral triangles or cut into 4 - 6 pieces of squares
8. Drizzle some tomato ketchup on top.

Note -
1. If desired, remove the crusts of the bread before making slices.
2. Instead of sandwich masala or chaat masala, you can also use salt and black pepper powder.
3. There is a masala called sandwich masala available in the shops of Mumbai.
4. This sandwich can also be made using low cal butter spread of your choice but Amul butter adds the real taste. (utterly, butterly delicious, Amul!)
5. Use white sandwich bread for authentic taste.

This post is my contribution to Aqua Daze's RCI - Mumbai Street Food.
RCI event is started by Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine.


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