Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kunda from Belgaum

If you visit certain places, you have to buy certain things to claim that you indeed have visited those places. If you go to Khambat, better get that halwasan, if you go to Agra, you need to buy Petha, if you go to Dharwad, do not forget about those Dharwadi pedhas, and if you go to Belgaum, you better get Kunda. Kunda is a milk based Mithai from Belgaum. The above picture is that Kunda right from Belgaum. I didn't make it. So the recipe is just my guess.

Keep roasting khoya/khava/mava till deep brown. Add sugar to taste. That's just my guess!! :-D

Chaitali has shared her mom's recipe for Kunda. In her words, "...She boils khoya, whole milk and cardamom toghether for a couple of hours till it becomes semi solid and looks grainy. This way it has a better taste and texture...". Thanks, Chaitali!!


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