Sunday, June 14, 2009

Curry Leaves Plant - Part 2

My curry leaves plant is about 3 years old. It was really tiny when I bought it from our local Indian stores. Since it was spring, I placed it outside thinking it will enjoy the tropical weather. But it protested by wilting all the leaves. I was so scared, I got it back home where it grew taller and taller. OK, my curry leaf doesn't like tropical weather, I thought.

By spring 2009, I thought my plant is mature enough to enjoy the warm spring weather. I placed it outside. It didn't show any sign of stress. So I was happy. Then we were away for a day. When I came back, it was a horror site! It had only 4-5 leaves remaining. They too were dropping in front of my eyes. All the leaves were falling off as if it was fall not spring. I cursed myself. I officially killed my own curry leaf plant, I thought. I was in tears.

By next morning, my tall and lanky plant stood in its pot without a single branch. I felt so guilty. I talked to it, caressed it - oh well - I know I am crazy. Looking back I think, I should have taken a picture, but I was not in a mood to take a picture of my beloved plant without a single branch or a leaf. But I continued watering it. and in about 2 weeks, there was a sign of life again. Small branches started erupting one after the other - as if something miraculous was happening. I just couldn't believe this sudden growth spurt. I also noticed a tiny baby plant in the soil. Another week went by and then my curry plant blossomed with buds.

Now, the most important thing. I need to re-pot my curry leaf plant as it has overgrown its pot with its new growing family. It's getting really taller and taller day by day. I have re-potted it once as the Indian stores pot was very tiny. But now it needs something even bigger. Hope it likes its new house when I decide to re-pot. I really don't know. Frankly, I am scared to re-pot it as it will again rebel. Well, we will see...


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