Monday, May 11, 2009

Fresh Turmeric Pickle

The other day when I went to Whole Foods, I saw Turmeric capsules. Yes, turmeric is that good for you. I was just amazed how it is omnipresent in most of the Indian cuisine. So without taking much efforts, we consume our daily quota. Though Indian cuisine differs from region to region & state to state, it's amazing to see how spices and herbs are intelligently used with the traditions of Ayurveda. My next stop after Whole Foods was our local Indian stores, and there I saw fresh turmeric roots along with mango-ginger roots. I had to take those to make this anti-oxidant rich pickle. Did I mention oil-free too?

The exact same pickle is made in my Maharashtrian as well as Gujarati family during the winter months in Mumbai. That's the time both these roots are readily available in the market.

HaLad - Ambe HaLad Lonache/Haladar-Amba Haldar Athanu
1/4 cup fresh turmeric, peeled, chopped finely
1/4 cup fresh mango ginger, peeled, chopped finely
1 - 2 green chilies, minced
2-3 key limes, squeezed
salt to taste

1. Peel both the fresh turmeric roots and mango ginger roots taken in equal quantity.
2. Chop them finely.
3. Add chopped green chilies, salt to taste.
4. Squeeze fresh lime or lemon juice.
5. Mix well & serve. Refrigerate any unused portion.

Note -
1. Before handling fresh turmeric, remember that it bleeds the color and your hands, fingers, nails, white appliances, chopping board - everything will be bright yellow. If you want, you can use gloves.
2. Make this pickle on a small quantity as it needs to be consumed quickly. Refrigerate after being used. It should be consumed within a week.
3. New and fresh ginger root can also be added in the above pickle. But make sure it is less in the quantity. For above proprtion, use 1 tbsop chopped ginger if using.
4. Like most of the pickles, store it in a ceramic or glass container with a lid.
5. If you have never tasted this pickle before, you may find it quite pungent in taste - especially fresh turmeric. But remember it's extremely good for you!


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