Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pressure Cooker Lemon Pickle

;I love to take Gudiya for grocery shopping. It does take longer than usual when she is with me. So I take her when I am in no hurry. We explore each & every vegetable, we greet all (yes, each & every!) shoppers, cashiers, fish mongers, helpers, lobsters, and toys. Gudiya has to check on everything, & I mean, everything!!

"I think we need this", she declares and promptly puts whatever catches her fancy, in the shopping cart. I generally, make sure and keep it back in its place when she is busy exploring. But last time, I needed a bag of key limes. So I put one and Gudiya put one - probably when I wasn't looking. When we came home, I discovered 2 bags of key limes. They were fresh and juicy. & after spending a lot of time grocery shopping, I was just too lethargic to go back & return it. "I will use all of these!" I promised myself. So we had lots of lemonade (in winter!), lemon rasam, lemon rice, lemon cake...

When I ran out of all options, I thought of making some pickle. But it was winter time with snow outside, so couldn't make the traditional pickle using the natural solar power. So I decided to make my MIL's instant version.

This pickle has shelf life of 2 days in the fridge. So I just used 5 limes and used MIL's sambar masala (pickle masala). I made fresh batch every time we craved for some more pickle. After all, the cooker does all the work.

Pressure cooker Lemon Pickle
7 juicy & fresh key limes, quartered
1/4 cup Gujarati sambhar masala/pickle masala

2 - 3 key lime, squeezed

1. Wash the key limes. Dry & quarter them.
2. Keep them in a pressure cooker container without adding any water.
3. Pressure cook for 2 whistles.
4. Take out. Let them cool down completely.
5. Add pickle masala and mix with all the cooking liquid & fresh lime juice.

6. Pickle is ready to eat.
7. Refrigerate the leftovers.

Note -
1. This pickle should be consumed within a week. So make accordingly.
2. Gujarati sambhar masala is a special pickle masala containing all the spices and salt. Please do not confuse it with the south indian sambar powder.
3. If the pickle appears dryish, add more lime juice (freshly squeezed).


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