Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blue Corn Bhakri

I wanted to try that blue corn meal from a long time. It has lots of health benefits but for me, even the color was attractive. Actually, it really results in purplish bhakri or tortilla. Per this article at WebMD, blue corn is better than regular white/yellow corn meal as it has lower GI. First experiment in my kitchen was this basic bhakri. The next is going to be baked blue corn tortilla chips.

Blue Corn Bhakri - Makes 4 counts
1/2 cup Blue corn meal
A pinch of salt
2 tbsp wheat flour
warm water as needed

wheat flour for dredging

1. Mix flours and salt.
2. Adding water little at time, bind a dough.
3. Using wheat flour as needed, pat the bhakri using only the palm. It should become bigger as it moves in a circular manner.
4. Heat a pan. Place the bhakri on the pan. Apply some water with wet hand.
5. As it cooks and bubbles appear, flip & cook on the other side.
6. Now place directly on the flame as it puffs up.
7. Serve hot bhakri with curry of your choice.
Note -
1. Knead the dough as soon as you are ready to make bhakris. Do not keep the kneaded dough for a long time.
2. More information about blue corn -


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