Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rose Shrikhand

There are many different types and brands of ready-made shrikhands available in Mumbai. There is Amul, VarNa, Mahanand, Chitale bandhu, Parsi Dairy and Aarey. Aarey used to be my favorite because it was the only shrikhand on earth I had seen with a pinkish hue. Of course, I never bothered to decipher the recipe then, but I thought of making it today using Dabur Rose Syrup. & as I guessed it, Gudiya just loved that pink shrikhand!!:-D

Shrikhand is made with drained yogurt cheese called "Chakka" in Marathi. You can use a clean muslin cloth, add plain yogurt, tie overnight so all the liquid is drained off. This yogurt cheese/chakka is now ready for making shrikhand. Instead of muslin cloth, you can use 4-5 heavy duty coffee filters lined up on a colander to drain the liquid off the yogurt. You could also use a ready-made Greek yogurt which is nothing but yogurt cheese. If you are in Mumbai, ready-made chakka is readily available. If you are in US, you could use sour cream. My best friend, Rakhee shared this trick of sour cream with me in my early days in US. It was quick & simple.

Rose Shrikhand
1 cup (8 oz) sour cream (light or reduced fat)
1/4 - 1/2 cup sugar (per taste)
1 tsp Dabur Rose Syrup
1 - 2 cardamoms, peeled & crushed

2-3 raw, unsalted pistachio slivers
1 charoli

1. Mix all the ingredients
2. Garnish with pistachio and charoli.

1. Instead of sour cream in the above recipe, you can use Greek yogurt as I used here or make from scratch using plain yogurt as I did here.
2. Dabur rose syrup has sugar in it. Adjust sugar accordingly.

This post is my contribution to Priya's celebration of the color - Pink.

FIC event is started by Sunshinemom of The TongueTicklers.


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