Saturday, March 7, 2009

From Old Friends & New - Karnataka Special

Archy's Elekasu Rotti

As soon as Archy posted about this cabbage roti, I knew I have to try it. So here it is. Yummo!! It reminded me of my grandmom's sanna pollo. Thanks, Archy for sharing this wonderful recipe!!

Seriously, I kept drooling at Asha's beautiful platter of Idli-sambar-chutney. Finally, told myself that I need to make it. Well, after many escapades, I cooked above platter which was no way even close to her original platter. Thanks so much, Asha for wonderful recipes.

Cabbage is one of the staples in my vegetable crisper. I keep looking for new recipes. Asha's recipe was simple and awesome!! I also added some carrots. Thanks, Asha for sharing a wonderful recipe!

I have eaten this chutney before. So when I found the recipe at Vanamala's blog, I tried it immediately. It was superb!! Thanks, Vanamala!

I had leftover idli batter and some leftover potato bhaji. I combined both per Shilpa's instuctions to get wonderful sandwich idlis. Thanks, Shilpa!

Ramya's Masala Puri
I thought it's a cross between ragda patties and sev puri. but still differently delicious!!! Thanks for sharing, Ramya!! It was a hit.

Ramya's Thondekaya Kadale Palya
It was a deja-vu!! I have definitely eaten this but don't remember where!! It could be at Ram Nayak's Udipi restaurant. I replaced garbanzo beans by black chana and followed Ramya's instructions. Thanks so much for sharing, Ramya!

Namratha's Akki Roti/Eruli Roti
My akki rotis are nowhere as beautiful as made by Namratha. But they were delicious. I will work on making round akki rotis, & then replace the above picture, ok?:-D Thanks, Namratha!


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