Saturday, March 14, 2009

Broken Wheat Idli

Way back in June2008, I blogged about Muradleli chutney & promised to blog about the accompaniment of Broken Wheat idlis, but I completely forgot about it. This draft was ready but didn't make it so far. Anyway, with JFI -Wheat, I thought, it's a good idea to finally publish it.

My mom makes idlis with roasted wheat rawa without using rice or idli rawa. That was the inspiration behind this idli. I thought, what if I use broken wheat instead of wheat rawa? I followed the rest of her method for idlis.

Broken Wheat Idli


1 cup urad daal, soaked overnight

1 cup broken wheat

salt to taste

oil for greasing


1. Soak urad daal overnight. Next morning, grind it with little water. Stir in salt. Cover and let it ferment in a warm place for about 6-8 hours.

2. When you are ready to make idlis, roast broken wheat on a low flame. Let it cool down a bit and then add it to the fermented batter. Adjust water to make idli batter consistency.

3. Grease the idli stand. Add the batter and steam idlis in a pressure cooker, idli steamer or peddavaN.

4. Serve hot idlis with chutney of your choice.

Note -

1. You can add 1/4 tsp methi or fenugreek seeds while soaking the urad daal.

2. Use broken wheat of finer grain consistency

3. This idli is little chewy. If you want, you can add double amount of hot water in the broken wheat and keep aside covered. When the wheat has absorbed water, you can add it to the fermented batter.

This post is my contribution to JFI - Wheat at Roma's Space.

JFI is started by Indira of Mahanandi.


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