Saturday, February 7, 2009

Phulgobhi Sambhari

Our local Indian stores carry good Indian veggies only once a week. I can't make it there every week. So I have to use the same old same old veggies from the supermarket. Cabbage, bell peppers, cauliflower - these are 3 staples. So I have to look around for the new recipes. I chanced upon this goodlooking and sounding recipe at Sanjeev Kapoor's website. So I tried it. Now cauliflower, cashew and coconut - these 3 C's definitely make this dish delectable.

Recipe Source -

My modifications -
I did not have "Pathare Prabhu Masala" which is used in the recipe. (Not written in the ingredients section but in the method section of the above link). So I used Goda Masala. It still tasted good.

I tried the same recipe again by using Sanjeev Kapoor's Pathare Prabhu Masala. 07/07/2010
Verdict -
Cauliflower simmered in coconut milk along with cashews was really creamy and flavorful.


This post is my entry to JFI - cauliflower at Mythreyee's.
JFI is started by Indira of Mahanandi.


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