Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kindergarten Roundup & Maya's Set Dosa for MBP: Kids' Menu

What an overwhelming day it was!! The parents of the future kindergartners were invited for the kindergarten roundup. It was not meant for the kids. As I went inside the "real" school, I just felt that strange, jittery feeling. It was not long ago, Gudiya was just a newborn in my arms. I think that, it was the first time in my life I came to know what the tears of joy really meant. Then she grew up - crawling, walking, running...days went by. Then came the first day of her preschool. I still remember her first day. She was excited. I was crying!:-D She went inside the classroom waving happily as I was trying my best to hide my tears. Her preschool has a TV monitor so we can view our kids from the lobby. So her dad & I viewed. Gudiya was enjoying the whole thing for a few minutes and then she realized her parents are not in the room. Then she started sobbing and then crying. and I cried looking all that on the TV monitor. But within a few days, Gudiya was at ease in her preschool. But now Kindergarten is a big deal. It's a big school - the real one!! After that 1st grade, 2nd grade...middle school...high

The hall was full of parents. The principal welcomed us all and chatted for 1 hour. All the requirements, immunization, expectations & so many buzz words - PTO, PTA, ESOL, YCARE...The kids will learn hands-on mathematics, reading, foreign language - Spanish or French, computers, music, physical education. I am not too worried about the academics part but more so of the other unknowns since I didn't go to KG here. I am really concerned about lunch part. If Gudiya takes her dabba (lunch box) from home, what if she grumbles to eat the home cooked food just because it's not same as what others in her class bring. Will she give in that peer pressure? I have heard this from my other friends. and if we allow her to eat cafeteria food, will it be healthy? Will my baby stand in line with a tray in her hand to get the food? Will she eat by herself? She is not a picky eater, but sure is a slow eater. What if she doesn't finish her food on time? What if she remains hungry?

There are 3 options for us. Full day KG, Half day - morning & Half day - afternoon. We are called again to visit the school with the kids. Let's see how that goes. Gudiya is excited, very very excited to go to kindergarten. & I am nervous, very very nervous. Que Sera Sera...

On that note, how about relishing some kid-friendly food?

Original Recipe by - Maya
Original Blog - Konkan World

My Modifications -
None!! I just followed Maya's instructions. and got one healthy version of set dosa. It was loved by Gudiya. Now that's what I call success!!:-D

This post is my contribution to Trupti's MBP - Kids' Menu event.
MBP event is started by Coffee of The Spice Cafe.


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