Friday, February 20, 2009

Doi Maach - Bengali Fish & yogurt curry

Being from a coastal city, I always associate fish curries with coconut. Honestly, fish and yogurt may have made me very apprehensive before. But blogging has made me bold and I love to explore something different all the time.

Those of you who are familiar with my other blog Enjoy World Food, may know how much I like "Cooking Light/find.myrecipes". I love their lighter take on the world cuisines. So I wanted to check out their Indian food section. I was almost certain that it would feature only the ubiquitous chicken tikka masala with naan. But to my surprise, they even had Doi Maach and Asparagus Talasani?

This Doi Maach recipe is contributed by Ms. Monica Bhide for Cooking Light.

Doi Maach
Fish in yogurt sauce

Recipe Source -

My Modifications -
1. I used skim yogurt as opposed to the whole milk yogurt recommended. I do not know if that's the reason their version looks more whiter and creamier than mine. But I loved the taste of this curry. I served it with plain brown basmati rice.

2. Instead of Mahi Mahi, I used Tilapia. Tilapia is a delicious fish that goes well in any Indian curry sauce. I have used it in several of the seafood recipes like this & this. For frying, Tilapia fillets can be used. But in my experience, for curries, use boneless Tilapia tenderloins which are thicker. I get those from Costco.



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