Tuesday, December 9, 2008

White Rajma Bendi

My grandmother used to make two types of Bendis. One with garlic and the other with teppal/tirphal. Since I had already blogged about the bendi with garlic, I thought of posting this bendi with teppal - made by my mom.

Rajma Bendi
1 cup cannelloni beans/white kidney beans (soak overnight, discard the water, drain
salt to taste

Grind to a coarse paste
12 byadgi chilies (reduce per your taste), roast in few drops of coconut oil
2 tsp tamarind pulp
1/4 cup cooked kidney beans
15 teppals/tirphals - soaked in water

1 tsp coconut oil

1. Pressure cook beans and set aside
2. Grind roasted chilies and tamarind to a coarse paste. Add cooked beans and grind one more time. Now add teppals with water and grind quickly.
3. Pour cooked beans in a saucepan. Bring to boil.
4. Add ground masala.
5. Add salt. Bring to boil.
6. As the curry boils, add coconut oil. Switch off the gas.

Note -
1. The consistency should not be too thin.
2. Teppals should not be ground fine. Hence, you need to add them in the last stage of grinding and just whirl them quickly.
3. Teppal/Tirphal is used for flavor. It is not meant to be eaten.


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