Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jwarichi Dushmi - Sorghum Flatbread

As I had mentioned before, "Dushmi" is a flatbread, where milk is used to knead the dough instead of water. Every dushmi (as made in my home), differs a tiny bit from the rest. So far I have posted -
Methichi Dushmi

I hope to blog about all the dushmis soon.

Jwarichi Dushmi
1 Cup Jwari/Jowar/Sorghum Flour
Salt to taste
1/4 tsp Freshly ground black peppercorn
Warm milk to knead the dough

1. Mix jowar flour, salt & peppercorn powder.
2. Pour warm milk as needed to make a dough.
3. Make equal balls of the dough - about 4 or 5
4. Using some jowar or rice flour for rolling, pat the ball of dough into a disc.
5. Heat a frying pan/tawa/griddle. Keep the bhakri gently on the tawa.
6. Roast on both the sides. You can also cook it later on the flame if you like.


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