Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dhondus - Eggless cucumber cake

When I told, Gudiya that I have made "Cucumber Cake" today, she rolled her eyes and quipped, "Why? Is it Broccoli's birthday, today?". At her age of 4, she firmly believes that all the cakes other than chocolate cakes are not qualified to be called cakes. But after hearing her question, I laughed so hard, that she was concerned, "What's wrong, mom?". I just found our conversation too funny. :-D

So here's cucumber cake that is celebrating Broccoli's birthday!! Whatever that means!!:-D

Malvani Cucumber Cake
3 small cucumbers, peeled & grated & water squeezed to make 1 cup
1 cup rawa/sooji/farina/semolina
1 cup jaggery, grated
1 tbsp cashew pieces
1 tbsp fresh coconut pieces/khobryachya kaataLya
3-4 cardamoms, crushed
1/2 cup coconut milk (I used reduced fat, canned coconut milk)
2-3 fresh turmeric leaves

Few drops of oil for greasing the container
1. Roast rawa on a low flame for about 10 minutes.
2. Add grated cucumber, jaggery, cashew and coconut pieces. Keep stirring till all the extra moisture is evaporated.
3. Now add coconut milk & crushed cardamoms. The consistency now should be of a cake batter.
4. Grease a pressure cooker container. Line the turmeric leaves at the bottom of the container.
5. Pour the cucumber mixture and pat evenly.
6. Steam the batter in a pressure cooker without putting the pressure.
7. Cut into wedges and serve with vanilla ice-cream.

Note -
1. Some people also add roasted peanuts in the above recipe. However, I do not care for the taste of roasted peanuts in this particular recipe.
2. Serving with the ice-cream was just an experimental idea which was loved by my family. Traditionally, dhondus is served all by itself.
3. Do not let the rawa or the mixture burn. Keep the flame low all the time while roasting.
4. While measuring the grated cucumbers, make sure that the water is completely squeezed out.
5. While measuring the jaggery, make sure it is grated to get the right proportion.
6. Instead of using sooji/rawa/semolina, you can also use rice rawa or idli rawa.


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