Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thanks Nupur & Anjali

When I returned from my trip last week, a pleasant surprise was awaiting me. I won a giveaway at one of my most favorite blogs - Nupur's One Hot Stove!! I was thrilled. I won a ginger extract from Anjali Damerla's Supreme Spice. The parcel arrived with a note from Anjali. She says that just a drop can be used in a cup of tea. And, it sure was refreshing. Just one drop of ginger extract is equivalent to 1/4" ginger powder. I already have a few ideas about using this purest possible extract. Stay tuned for some of my creations.

Thanks, Nupur & Anjali.

For more information about Supreme Spice, read here.

Check out Anjali's blog for the recipes using Supreme Spice here.


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