Monday, September 22, 2008

A Vada with a last name?

Have you ever eaten a Vada with a last name? I am not kidding. It's almost synonymous with the Anavil community of South Gujarat. It goes by the name "Desai Vada" or more correctly "Dehai Vada" as per the nuances of the Batlabhai dialect of the region.

Since it is a deep fried version, I have tweaked the original recipe a bit to suit our taste. But I have also given the original recipe below.

Desai Vada - My way

1 cup urad daal

1 cup Vada nu Loat

2 tbsp sour yogurt

salt to taste

1/2 cup spinach, shredded

2 tbsp milled/ground flax seeds

1 tsp ginger grated

Oil for greasing the Appe Pan


1. Soak urad daal overnight. Grind it next morning. Cover and keep aside for about 4-5 hours for fermenting.

2. Roast vada nu loat on a low flame for about 5 minutes.

3. Add to the urad daal paste along with the remaining ingredients.

4. Add water as need to make the batter.

5. Grease Appe pan. Ladle the batter in each hole. Cover and let it cook.

6. Flip and let it cook on the other side.

Desai Vada - The Original One


2 cup vada nu loat

1 cup sour buttermilk (or as needed)

salt to taste

Oil for deep frying


1. Soak vada nu loat in the sour buttermilk. It should be thick consistency.

2. Cover and keep aside for fermenting.

3. When the dough is almost doubled in its size, it is ready for making vadas.

4. Add salt. You should be able to make round spherical balls with your hands.

5. Heat oil for deep frying. Slide the balls.

6. Deep fry till vadas are browned on all the sides.

7. Serve hot along with Keri nu ras, Modi Daal, Kadhi, Khata Dhokla, Undhiyu, Puri to make a full fledged Gujarati feast.

Note -

The butter milk should be at room temperature. and it should be sour to get the sourish taste to the vadas.


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