Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Less is More - Maya's Cucumber Pancakes

When Nupur announced "Less is more" event for the Monthly Blog Patrol Jul 2008, I thought it's quite an innovative theme. As I started looking for the bookmarked recipes from my blogger buddies, I realized that this event is rather addictive. It's fun to cook something quick, using less ingredients and celebrate the taste of the dish without overpowering & overcrowding with too many ingredients. Maya's "Tavahya Bhakri" was on my list for a long time (along with her many other recipes!) and it was perfect for the the current theme.

Original Recipe by - Maya
Recipe Source - Maya's Tavshya Bhakri
My modifications -
The original recipe called for coconut. Instead of coconut, I used ground flax seeds. For the health benefits, I am in love with these flax seeds and I use them from rotis to dosas, muffins to pancakes!

Ingredients used -
1. Rawa /semolina
2. Cucumber
3. Salt
4. Oil
5. Ground Flax seeds
Thanks, Maya, for this wonderful recipe!

This post is my entry to MBP : Less is more event at Nupur's One Hot Stove.

MBP is started by Coffee of The Spice Cafe.


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