Monday, June 30, 2008

Tamarind Plant

I know you all are going to call me crazy. My husband may even endorse that!;-) but whenever I see seeds, I get an urge to plant them.

For Sig's Tamarind event, I didn't get the usual tamarind pulp at our local Indian stores. So I bought the tamarind with seeds inside. After using the tamarind for chinch ma gojju, I found five seeds inside that tamarind. I was too reluctant to throw them away. I planted them without expecting too much. In 3 days, the first one sprouted. and then it became a sweet little seedling.

After about a week or so, all 5 became little seedlings.

I have never seen a tamarind tree before. This is my closest encounter to my own tamarind "trees"!!:-D I was too excited to share my baby tamarind "trees". Aren't they cute?


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