Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Saatori is khava/khoya or mava stuffed sweet chapati from Maharashtra. My grandmother used to stuff the leftover pedhas inside the chapati dough to make the delicious Saatori. I used the same method to make saatori. For more traditional version, you can roast the khava/khoya/mawa till the moisture is evaporated & then add sugar and after cooling it completely, use it as a stuffing.

Khoya stuffed sweet chapati from Maharashtra

For the dough
1 cup wheat flour + some more for dredging
salt to taste
water as needed
1 tsp oil

For the stuffing
4-5 pedhas made from khoya
1 tsp milk (or as needed)

1. Knead a dough and keep aside, covered.
2. If the pedhas are in the fridge, make sure that they are thawed and are at the room temperature.
3. Crush them completely and add milk to make the smooth stuffing. Make 4 balls and keep aside
4. Make a ball of the of wheat dough. Roll into a puri.
5. Stuff pedha mixture and roll it again to make a thick round roti.
6. Roast on a griddle on a very low flame.
7. Serve immediately.

Note -
1. Since pedhas already have the sugar and other spices like cardamoms, saffron etc, you do not need to add any more. but you can decide your own preference.

2. Do not add too much milk else the stuffing will be too mushy. Just add gingerly on need basis.

3. You can use leftover kaju katli to make kaju chi saaTori.


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