Sunday, June 1, 2008

Roasted Sweet Corn Chaat

Roasted corn on cob/bhutta transports me back to Mumbai. I associate it with Mumbai rains. Around June-July, the market would be flooded with fresh corn. & you would see the carts of bhuttawala everywhere. He would roast the corn on the charcoal stove/sighdi, and would squeeze lemon-chili powder-salt and hand it over to us. My friend, Rakhee and I used to enjoy eating that hot & spicy treat.

I had never seen bhuttawala in US till we went to Austin, Texas. Right outside, Fiesta supermarket, there was a small cart of American bhuttawala. He didn't have coal sighdi but he did have his version of charcoal grill. He would roast the corn and there were many options to sprinkle on the roasted corn. - Salsa, garlic butter, cheese, Cajun seasoning, chili powder/lime. Of course, we ordered chili powder & lime seasoning and enjoyed our American bhutta. but the American bhuttawala also had another unique option. He would scrape the roasted corn and offer the nibblets to those who didn't care for eating from the cob. So they could eat the niblets in a cup with a spoon. The accompaniments with this roasted corn niblets were sour cream-chive/lime-butter/black pepper-butter/garlic-butter/cheese etc.

That gave me an idea to make my own roasted corn chaat.

Roasted Sweet Corn Chaat
4 corn on cobs
1/2 lime/lemon, freshly squeezed (or more)
1/4 tsp chili powder (or more)
1 green chili, minced (or more)
1 small onion, minced
1 small tomato, chopped
3-4 sprigs cilantro/coriander leaves, chopped
2 sprigs mint, chopped
1 tsp chaat masala (or more)
salt to taste
1 small raw mango, chopped (optional)

Spicy sev (optional)

1. Roast corn on cobs on the grill or gas.
2. Using a sharp knife, take off the niblets.
3. Mix all the ingredients.
4. Serve immediately.
5. You can add some sev for garnish.

Note -
1. American sweet corn is very sweet. So I like to sprinkle more chili powder, lime juice and raw mango to make it spicier. You can decide your own preference.
2. Chaat masala already has rock salt. So adjust your salt accordingly.

This post is my contribution to Sangeeth's Eat Healthy - Fiber Rich Event.


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