Friday, June 13, 2008

Hmarcha Rawt - Chutney from Mizoram & Thanks to Asha for the recipe!!

When Bhags announced her RCI - India NorthEast, I decided to make at least one dish for every state. Bhags said that though Assam also is the part of the beautiful North East India, Priya is hosting RCI- Assam in October so we can cook Assamese food that time. As days went by, I came to know that my resolution of cooking for every state was rather too ambitious. I could not find the recipes or if I find the recipes, I couldn't find the ingredients. . I kept doing my research, but I just couldn't find any recipe for Mizoram.
So I was about to give up and then my dear friend Asha, emailed me few recipes. Thanks so much Asha and also to her son, who typed them. Thanks friend, because of you, I could celebrate the cuisine of each state from North-East India. Also, thanks to Bhags who came up with this idea of North-East India. It gave me some insight into the culture and cuisine of this region.
I must admit, I selected the simplest recipe from the recipes Asha sent!:-D

I made this chutney on a small quantity but it was a hit. Though ginger added a different flavor, it reminded us of Mexican salsa since it had roasted chillies & onions. I also added some green onion leaves just for garnish.
Thanks to Jerusha for sharing the right spelling. It is Hamrcha Rawt & not Marcha Rot that I had written. Thanks, Jerusha!!
Here's Asha's recipe that she sent me from her North-East India Cookbook.
Hmarcha Rawt
Chili Chutney from Mizoram
In Asha's words -
1. Roast 500gm Green or red chillies on the tawa until blackened slightly.
2.Cool and grind this to a coarse paste with salt.
3. Mix this with 2 finely chopped raw onions, 1" grated ginger. Mix well and store.

Note -
Red Chillies should be roasted and soaked in little water for 10mins and drain all the water before grinding since they don't have water like green chillies.

Region - Mizoram

Recipe Source - Asha's North-East Cookbook

Special Thanks to - Asha of Foodie's hope & Aroma Hope

This post is my contribution to RCI:North East India by Bhags at Crazy Curry.
Regional cuisines of India (RCI) event is started by Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine


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