Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kadu or Kadve Vaal

Kadve or Kadu vaal are used in Maharashtrian cuisine. They are also known as bitter field beans. They have a delicate, bitter taste which is considered as a delicacy. Of course, there are people who also can't stand this taste at all. This is a little unusual process of sprouting these vaals so I am noting it down for my own future reference. I have never seen these kind of vaals in the local Indian stores here. These vaals are not Surti vaal(or Lima beans or Avre or rangooni vaal)

1. Soak kadve vaal in sufficient water overnight.

2. Next morning, they will appear swollen and puffed up.

3.Drain and leave them aside for 6 hours to get the sprouts like these below.

4. Soak the sprouts again in water for at least 2 - 4 hours.

5. So the peels can easily be off. I am all for the dietary fibers in the beans, but these peels need to be taken off as they just can't be chewed.

6. These vaal are now ready to be peeled off.

A great hand-eye co-ordination idea. Peel off all the skins and discard. The peeled off vaal sprouts are also known as "Dalimbya" or "Birde". Please note that the word "DaLimbya" could be little misleading because DaLimb means pomegranate in Marathi but DaLimbya means these peeled kadve/kadu vaals.

These dalimbya can be used to make -
2) Vaalache Birde (1)
3) Vaalache Birde(2)
6) Dalimbi Usal - 3



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