Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thanks, Uma & my vacation

Look, what I got!! My dear friend, Uma has awarded me "Good Chat Blog Award". Thanks so much Uma, for chatting with me and considering me a good chatter too!!;-)

Now, it makes sense to forward this award to my friends with whom I have chatted through emails/Yahoo chat and not just the comments in the blog. So here you go, buddies -thanks for your support, suggestions, feedback, & friendship.


Also, thanks to Aditi & Sukanya for passing yummy blog award. I have proudly displayed it in my side bar. Thanks girls, for thinking about me.

Lastly, I am off on a vacation for next 2 weeks. I know deadlines for most of the wonderful blog events are coming up. So I have scheduled most of my posts for next few days. They will appear as I am gone & I can still meet the deadline. So there maybe even more typos or spelling errors than usual as I am writing this in a hurry!!!:-D Probably there will be some delay in moderating the comments. & even more delay in replying the emails. Also, I may not be able to visit your wonderful blogs, but that doesn't mean I am ignoring you. I will be back soon.
Take care & Enjoy!!


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