Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mutton Roll - Jara Chakh ke dekho

Monginis mutton roll used to be my favorite. Remember that TV commercial - "Monginis, jara chakh ke dekho!" Last time, when I went back to India, I was disappointed to know that they have stopped making the mutton roll! :-( Did I gobble so many mutton rolls that when I left the country they just decided to stop making them?;-)

Oh well, so here I am making mutton/chicken rolls. It's simple. Use your favorite recipe of kheema and stuff it in the hotdog rolls. I used whole grain wheat hotdog rolls just to get some fiber too. Gudiya squished the roll a bit out of curiosity so you see that in the picture!

Monginis style Mutton/chicken Roll (Serves 6)
1 recipe Kheema
6 Hot dog rolls

1. Stuff kheema generously inside the hotdog rolls.
2. Serve fresh

Note -
1. Make sure that the hotdog rolls are at the room temperature.
2. You can use any of the Kheema recipe of your choice. I meant to blog about a few more kheema recipes that I make. I will do so in the near future. Here, I used the same kheema that I used to make Rajasthani khad.
3. Some of you emailed me - where to get chicken kheema/mince in US. Though I have replied back, I thought of writing here, so anyone who wants to know may benefit. I buy my chicken mince from Whole foods. They have it in their meat section. If they do not display, you can request the butcher, and he will do it for you in about 5 minutes. You can request this service in any of the supermarkets.

This sandwich is going to Anupama's for her delicious Sandwich festival.


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