Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kheema Toast Sandwich

I don't think, it can get easier than this. My mom used to grab any available vegetable stir fry and stuff it between two bread slices, add a dot of butter and toast in her sandwich maker. Remember, that would go right on the gas/stove and you have to flip it to get evenly toasted/grilled on both sides? I used to love it when she used to stuff some aloo paratha stuffing or kheema between the slices. Yum!! In the picture above, I used some kheema stuffing, but any other stuffing of your choice can as well be used.
Kheema Toast Sandwich
4 slices of bread
butter or olive oil to grease the butter
1 recipe kheema or alu paratha stuffing or any subzi
1. Grease bread slices lightly.
2. Stuff the kheema or any desired stuffing inside.
3. Place in the sandwich maker so the greased slices are out.
4. Toast till done.
5. Serve with ketchup.
Note -
1. I used the electric sandwich maker.

This toast sandwich is headed to Anupama's for her wonderful sandwich festival.


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