Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thanks, Pooja

What a pleasant surprise it was!! As we did our mundane chore of checking the mailbox , there it was - a parcel - waiting for us!! Gudiya & I were excited as ever. It was from Pooja. The sweetheart that she is, she sent some goodies for Gudiya. It was a Barbie doll and a box of chocolates - as Pooja says, it's a token of friendship & love. (Is it reverse Arusuvai? :-)
Gudiya always names her dolls. & she has decided to name the Barbie doll - "Pooja". At this moment, she is busy singing lullaby for her Pooja doll. :-)

Really, this whole blogging has given me so many good friends.

My dear friend, Pooja - thanks so much for considering me as your friend. I feel honored.


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