Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gujarati Cha Masalo

At my mom's place, tea is a simple tea. Nothing is added to the tea except during the rainy or flu seasons, mom adds ginger to make "Aalyacha Chaha/Ginger Tea". But at my mom-in-laws, it's a different story. Pretty much everybody has own preference about what goes into the tea. My in-laws prefer "Masala ni chai". The chai is quite spicy since it has a lot of black pepper in it. This homemade masala is so strong that just a small pinch is enough to flavor the 2 cups of tea.
My mom-in-law makes this masala at home. Now she too uses Sumeet to make job easier. But her mom always used iron "Khand-dasta" or mortar & pestle to powder the masalas. The flavor imparted by iron khand dasta/mortar & pestle is unique - that's what I have been told. I use Sumeet too!:-)
I will cover the "Tea Taste Buds" of the rest of the family in my next posts.

Mummy Ji 's Chai Masalo
2 cups Black Pepper
1 cup Dry ginger powder/Sunth
12 Cloves
1- 2 Cinnamon
12 Green Cardamoms

1. Grind all the ingredients together.
2. Pass through a fine sieve.
3. Store in an airtight container.

Note -
1. I do not sieve this masala since I do not have that fine sieve.
2. Mom-in-law always uses dried ginger pieces instead of dried ginger powder. I did not find it at my local Indian stores.


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