Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cooking from other blogs -2

I have been drooling, and bookmarking so many recipes around the blogosphere that it was high time to post some of these delicious dishes, posted by my blogger buddies. This post was in my draft for a long time, as I was finalizing it, I realized that, unknowingly, I grouped all the Karnataka cuisine together. It indeed was a feast and I will be more regular in sharing many more of the recipes that I enjoyed by the talented bloggers.

1. Ramya & Purnima's uppu huli dose- I have no doubt in my mind that I am world's worst neerdosa/paan pollo maker. I sighed when I looked at Purnima's spicy version, where I discovered Ramya's uppu huli dose . and I sighed even more. I knew I will mess up this wonderful recipe. But my talented blogger friends take care of writing the recipes in such a detail, that I too promoted myself from worst to "no-so-bad" neerdosa maker. I do need some more practice but I really enjoyed making these. My only change was that I used short-grain brown rice.
Thank you Purnima & Ramya!

2. Maya's Chuda - When Maya posted her chudo recipe, I had everything with me including even the Kumta Phov masala that dear Maya had sent as a part of Arusuvai friendship chain. I wasted no time making this chudo. I followed her recipe but used brown puffed rice as that's what I had in the pantry. We all just loved it. I will be making this more often.
Thanks, Maya!
3. Namratha's Gowdru Pulao - I was impressed by Namratha's recipe because adding egg along with masala and rice was a completely new step to me. So I asked her if I have understood that step correctly. She immediately clarified my doubts. I added more veggies along with everything that she had mentioned. Soon, my kitchen was filled with an awesome aroma. It definitely made our Sunday lunch special.
Thanks, Namratha!
4. Shilpa's eggless date cake - I read so much about it that I knew I have to make it soon. I baked it without oil as Shilpa baked the second time. It tasted awesome. It even fooled my husband and daughter as they devoured it thinking it's a chocolate-date cake because of the wonderful color. This recipe is a keeper. Simply superb!!
Thanks, Shilpa.

5. Archy's Harabara Matar - When Archy posted this recipe, I already had all the ingredients at hand. So I cooked it immediately. It was wonderful. I even had taken the picture, but am not finding it anywhere. It's somewhere and when I find it, I will update this post. but I didn't want to delay thanking Archy for this wonderful recipe.

Thanks, Archy!


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