Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thanks, Richa!!

Sometime back, I wrote about Jhal Moori. It was my own interpretation of the famous Bengali bhel. I have never been to Kolkata. So haven't really tasted the real taste of the street food there. I just googled the recipe and found the most common ingredients which were readily available in my pantry and made my own version of Jhal moori. We relished it because ours is an ultimate chaat loving family.....and then there was a pleasant surprise waiting for me.

I got an email from a dear friend - someone who is as dear as salt! She told me about this amazing masala called jhal moori masala which is, (along with some tamarind pulp) to be drizzled on this bhel to make it authentic. She didn't just share this information but also sent a generous amount to me. Her unique masala is straight from Kolkata...Talk about the authentic taste!!

When I started food-blogging in October 2007, I didn't know that blogging is not just about sharing family food recipes, but is also about building friendship.

Thanks, Richa for your generosity & friendship. Richa, Tusi really great ho!!!


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