Friday, March 28, 2008

Indian Cheese - Paneer Making at home

Making homemade paneer

Step 1 -
Pour 1/2 lit milk in a heavy bottomed saucepan or pot on medium to low flame.

"Doodhacha Toap - Milk Container" is my entry for Click!

Step 2 -
Remember a watched milk never boils too!! ;-) Keep looking!!

Step 3
Keep a ladle inside to avoid milk boiling over.

Step 4
Keep the curdling agent ready. Any of the following will work
1. plain curds or yogurt or
2. Leftover whey or
3. Lemon or
4. Vinegar

About 1 Tbsp or 2 of each should work. But keep more amount handy just in case.

Step 5
As the milk starts to boil, add the curdling agent, and watch how the milk curdles. Add more if needed.

Step 6
The milk solid separates from the milk liquid. The milk liquid is whey and milk solid is Indian cottage cheese - Paneer or Chhena.

Step 7
Carefully separate the cheese with a ladle

Step 8
Pour the cheese in a clean muslin cloth kept on top of another pot

Step 9
Tie the muslin cloth in a pouch so all the extra water gets drained away in the container below. You can keep some weight on the pouch to remove excess water.

Step 10
Call Little Miss Muffet, here's whey!! :-)

Step 11
Paneer is ready!!

Rules of thumb -
1. Generally, when making paneer for sweet dishes, plain yogurt or leftover whey is used. For making paneer for savory dishes, lemon or vinegar is used.

2. Whey is very nutritious. So do not throw away that liquid. Use for kneading chapatis, or making daal /vegetables, use in rasam/sambar, as a broth/stock for soups & stews etc.

3. Generally whey made with vinegar is discarded because it smells and tastes stronger than others. This is what I have heard. I have never used vinegar for making paneer/whey so do not know about the taste.

The first picture "Doodhacha Toap - Milk Container" is my entry to this month's Click:Metal at Jugalbandi.


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