Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Arusuvai Friendship, Thanks Maya

The Arusuvai friendship chain was started by Latha and Lakshmi of the Yum blog. This is the friendship chain where you send your surprise ingredient to two or more of your blogger buddies. The friends use the surprise ingredient in their cooking and blog about it. This chain was quite popular in India. and now Latha of Masala Magic started the chain in USA. Thanks to all for this wonderful concept.

Ever since my dear friend, Maya of Konkan world told me about Arusuvai friendship chain, I was excited. It's funny that yesterday I even dreamed about it! Sounds childish? but I was that excited!! :-)

When My daughter, Gudiya and I went to check mail, we found the parcel. We both were so excited. Wonder who was excited more, she or me? Finally after reaching home, we opened the parcel. Gudiya was on cloud 9 when she found a big bar of symphony. "Mumma, tell Maya aunty that it's the best chocolate in the whole wide world. Can I take a bite now?". I was eager to see my surprise ingredient. I gave her one rectangle of the chocolate, "Mumma, tell Maya aunty, this is the best chocolate I ever had in my whole life!" So Thanks, Maya aunty from Gudiya.

and then I sniffed the surprise ingredient...It brought back childhood memories. Redolence - the smell and nostalgia together!! I was on cloud 9 x infinity. You know why? This masala, my grandmother used for making lipsmaking poha, potato curry and dry peas curry. Definitely, it's the same. I emailed Maya, and I was right.

So my surprise ingredient was "Phovva masala/powder from Kumta".

I can't thank her enough for bringing back the childhood memories. After my grandmother, somehow this masala was also lost. I asked my mom and aunts but nobody seem to know the recipe. Even my favorite Mangalore store in Mumbai has no clue about it. I was looking for it and today, I have the same masala in my hand. Isn't it amazing? I have been sniffing that masala from time to time as if it's a perfume. For me it sure is a perfume called "nostalgia". :-)

Thanks, Maya! You made my day, dear friend!!:-D

I have already had an email-correspondence with the friends whom I will be sending my secret ingredient. Stay tuned...

Recipe coming soon.


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