Saturday, February 2, 2008

Khatta Dhokla no Handvo (a.k.a. Dhokla Pizza)

Though the traditional Gujarati name is "Dhokla loat no handvo", I prefer calling it "Dhokla Pizza". It's my observation that it gets gobbled up quicker by certain little one in my family! :-)

If you are looking for a traditional handvo recipe, please read here.

Our Maharaj i.e. cook at my in-laws house, generally uses grated dudhi or bottlegourd for making this dish, but I add any of the following - grated carrots, grated cabbage, shredded spinach, grated zucchini. Sometimes, while it is getting ready, I also add grated cheese, tomato & bell pepper rings (remove tomato pulp/seeds), to give it the feel of pizza. It almost tastes like pizza crust too. I think it's a good alternative to regular pizza crust since it just contains rice and urad daal. and since I sneak in vegetables in the batter, I feel that my daughter gets the nutrients too.

Here's how I make it.

Dhokla Loat no Handvo
1 tsp oil

1/2 cup Any of the following vegetables
grated carrots or grated dudhi or grated cabbage or grated zucchini or shredded spinach

Few sprinkles of black pepper
grated cheese (optional)
tomato rings (opitonal)
bell pepper rings (optional)

1 tbsp chopped cilantro/coriadenr leaves.

1. Grease a non-stick frying pan.
2. Stir in grated vegetable in the dhokla batter.
3. Pour half of the batter in the frying pan. Let the gas be low.
4. Sprinkle black pepper generously. Add vegetable rings and cheese if using.

5. Cover and let it cook on lowest flame for about 30 minutes.

6. When it is cooked, flip over. You should get the crust like this.
7. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

8. Take out. Put in a serving plate.

9. Cut into wedges by pizza cutter.

10. Garnish with cilantro. Serve hot with tomato ketcup or pizza sauce.

Note -
1. Since my frying pan is small, I need to repeat the procedure for 2 batches. You can use bigger pan and make one single, large handvo, errr, pizza! :-)

This post is my contribution to Vanamala's Kids fest.


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