Friday, February 1, 2008

Khatta Dhokla Flour

My mom-in-law makes this flour at home. It is a pantry staple. So whenever you want to make khatta (sour) dhokla, you directly use the flour. You can also, soak rice & urad daal and make it like you would do for idli. But the main difference is in order to ferment, a generous amount sour yogurt or buttermilk is used and hence the name "Khatta" (Sour) Dhokla.

The use of Khatta Dhokla flour (or loat in Gujarati) is not limited to make just Khatta Dhokla but many more savory dishes. I am hoping to cover them one by one. :-)

Khata Dhokla Flour
2 parts rice
1 part Urad daal

1. Grind coarsely in a blender.
2. Store in an airtight container.

Use this flour to make -

Khatta Dhokla

Dhokla Loat na Handvo


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