Monday, January 28, 2008

Sambar Paratha

Ever seen those Pringles? Guacamole , Thai , ranch, barbecue, salsa, pizza, cheese flavors...

So I thought why not use the same principle and make parathas using distinct Indian flavors. My first thought was Sambar - that yummy flavor - how about incorporating it in Paratha?

I made it two ways. First time, I used the homemade sambar powder in the wheat flour and the second time I used sambar itself...:-) We loved the flavor of this absoltely crazy paratha - as crazy as me!!:-)

So here are my two versions -

Sambar Paratha Version 1


2 cups wheat flour

1 tsp cumin seeds

salt to taste

1 tbsp sambar powder (preferably homemade)

1 tbsp tomato paste

1 tbsp coriander leaves/cilantro chopped

1 tsp oil

oil for shallow frying


1. Mix all the ingredients till 1 tsp oil. Add little water and knead the dough.

2. Make balls. Roll into parathas/discs. Shallow fry.

Sambar Paratha Version 2


2 cups wheat flour

1 cup leftover sambar

very little salt, since sambar already has it.

1 tbsp chopped cilantro

1 tsp oil

Oil for shallow frying


1. Mix everything together. Knead the dough using very little water. Do not add water first. Get the idea by the moisture of sambar.

2. Make balls. Roll into parathas.

3. Shallow fry.

Note - Preferably use the leftover sambar with vegetables like onions/potatoes. I think, sambar with mushier vegetables like eggplants, okra( bhindi/ladies fingers) etc may have difficulty in kneading the dough.


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