Friday, January 11, 2008

Microwave Idlis

I received this lovely "microwave idli stand" as a gift during my last India trip. It's like the egg poacher you get in the supermarket but it is also stackable. But I admit, that I do not use it much and prefer the good, old conventional method of steaming. Srivalli's MEC:Tiffin event encouraged me to use this microwave idli stand.

It has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you have idli batter ready in the fridge and you are going to eat idlis in the next 5 minutes, it's the best. But if you are planning to make idlis ready and eat after a few hours, it's not good because idlis then tend to get dry. So I use this stand when we are just about to eat. Fresh hot idlis coming out of the microwave are a treat indeed. The microwave cooking time varies so you need to figure out what works the best for your microwave.

Use your usual recipe for making idli batter - actually that could be another topic of discussion. Urad daal to Rice ratio varies from house to house from 1:2 , 1:3, or even 1:4 and additional ingredients vary from boiled rice, puffed rice, pressed rice. Should you add fenugreek seeds or reserve it only for dosa - the answer varies from house to house, region to region. So whatever is your most loved recipe (even if it's ready made or instant mixes), you can use it now.

This microwave idli stand comes in three basic parts. A somewhat shallow plate (blue in the above picture), a dome shaped lid and an idli stand.

This is what I did -

Microwave Idlis with idli cooker
Idli batter (homemade or readymade)
A few drops of oil for greasing the idli moulds

1. Fill about 1/4 cup water in the shallow plate and microwave for 1 minute.
2. Grease the idli moulds with oil. Pour the batter. Fill about 3/4 th.
3. Cover with the dome shaped lid. Microwave for 4 minutes.
4. Let it stand for 1 minute in the microwave before opening the microwave door.
5. Let it stand another minute outside before taking the idlis out. 6. Serve immediately with sambar or chutney of your choice.

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This post is my contribution to the Microwave easy cooking event MEC: Tiffin by Srivalli of cooking for all seasons.


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