Saturday, December 22, 2007

RasPriya Truffle

Chocolate RasPriya Truffle
This is my "American Desi" version which is based on the classic Bengali dessert. It goes by a quaint name of "RasPriya". Many moons back, I had this original Raspriya at my friend's house in Mumbai. I tried to re-create it using American Supermarket ingredients.

I love to entertain with the desserts which get ready in seconds and still manage to generate "Wow!" from the guests. This dessert got ready in about 5 minutes and did I mention, no cooking involved?

RasPriya Truffle (About 8 -12 servings depending on the serving cup)
1 pint vanilla ice-cream (light)
1 box coolwhip (light)
1 box ready-made Rasgulla can or Angoori can

A handful of cashew/raisins/grapes mixture

1/2 bar of chocolate (grated)
or 1 tbsp doodh masala & Few pistachios

1. In a big bowl, add ice-cream and coolwhip. Whirl an electric hand blender or fork so it is uniformly mixed.
2. If using Angoori which is like small rasgulla, squeeze out the sugar syrup and keep aside. If using big rasgulla, cut them in halves and squeeze the sugar syrup.
3. And now take the tall dessert cups. Layer the icecream-coolwhip mixture. Next layer is of cashews/raisins/grapes. Top it with angoori or rasgullas.
4. Garnish with grated chocolate or doodh masala &pistachios.
5. Refrigerate. Serve chilled.

Note -
1. You can add some more fruits to play with colors like green/red/purple grapes in the middle layer.
2. Use your imagination, and layer any ingredients in the middle layer. or make multiple layers using a tall dessert cup.
3. You may want to thaw the ice-cream in the fridge to simplify the mixing.
4. Due to very cold weather and lack of sunshine, I couldn't photograph the layers well. :-(

Pistachio RasPriya Truffle


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