Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nylon Khaman Dhokla

Nylon Khaman Dhokla, Nylon Sev, Nylon saboodana, Nylon poha - these are all the "nylons" that I have heard in the food world. Though I do not know the significance of the nylon, I do think it could be smoother/overprocessed counterpart of the original one. Because there is khaman dhokla the soaked chanadal/grind/steam way and then there is nylon which is made with besan, then there is thick sev and then there is extra fine nylon sev used for bhel, there is usual saboodana and then extra small nylon one, there is thick (jada) poha and then extra elongated & whiter nylon poha! Does Nylon mean over-processed/artificial? Maybe just as Nylon fiber is the synthetic one, Nylon in food indicates "not real" as well? I don't know. I wish someone tells me the significance of the word Nylon in the food world?

The above recipe is from here. & "Nylon" Dhokla came out just wonderful.


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