Saturday, December 1, 2007


Sai Bhaji and Koki used to be a regular combo in Priti's - my school friend - lunchbox. It's a very nice Sindhi meal. Today, I prepared it based on the taste that still lingers.

Koki (Makes 6)

1 cup wheat flour
1 small onion, minced
1 tsp cumin seeds
salt to taste
2 tbsp cilantro/coriander leaves finely chopped
1 green chili, minced
1 tsp ginger, grated

Oil for shallow frying

1. Mix all the ingredients together except oil.
2. Add water gingerly because onion has some moisture. Knead to a dough. Cover and keep aside for 15 minutes.
3. Make 6 balls. Roll into discs.
4. Shallow fry adding some oil on both the sides.
5. Serve hot with Sai Bhaji.

1. I generally brush very little oil on only one side of the rotis to save some oil/calories.
2. To boost the nutritional value, I sometimes add grated carrot, chopped spinach to the above recipe, though it is not authentic.
3. I have seen in some Sindhi households that the Koki is pricked with fork before roasting.


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