Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kachori & Sutarfeni

I just wrote about the Manahar Surat bakery. Since I am in the same vicinity of Dadar TT (In my memory lane, anyway!), I have to mention two more things. First, Agrawal classes and second, Dayaram Damodar. I used to drag my feet to Agrawal classes. and the only highlight of it was D.Damodar - a stones' throw from the class.

On Sunday mornings - we used to have tests at Agrawals - so only stuff that used to cheer me up was D.Damodars Samosas, Patties, Kachoris and Idlis!

D.Damodar is also famous for his fabulous Sutarfeni.

Looks like I am not the only one who liked D.Damodar.

Read this and this.

D.Damodar Mithaiwala


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