Saturday, December 29, 2007

Diwali Ice-cream

What do you do when you have guests over for holidays. They don't mind eating kulfi or ice cream but just abhor barfis/katlis and Diwali sweets. And your basement freezer is overflowing with Diwali leftovers which you are planning to finish off before the new year rings in! (Am I not sly?);-) You were secretly hoping that since Diwali!

Well - you churn everything together and make a delicious ice-cream. But before I give you the recipe, let me tell you that three people have contributed to this recipe and those three people do not even know each other.

Well, first it's Asha (of Foodies Hope and Aroma!). I consider her as my friend though I have never met her. She visits and leaves some special words, not only on my blog but also on many other blogs as well. A new blogger like me feel really encouraged when she stops by. When I read Asha's gorgeous post about CuisineArt Icecream maker, I wanted to buy it. Well, that's exactly what Santa delivered to me this Christmas!;-)

And then it's my mom who told me last week, that she happened to see "my" Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazaana and he used the leftover sweets from Diwali to make the kulfi. And she promptly added that she couldn't note down the recipe since she was in a hurry. I was quite annoyed when I heard that she didn't write down the recipe. But I liked the idea. And as always Sanjeev Kapoor is a phenomenal inspiration for me, anyways!

So finally, I came up with my own recipe by combining whatever I had. First, I thawed all my Diwali sweets - Kaju Katlis, Dryfruit barfis, Almond barfi, Pistachio rolls. and then I modified the cuisineart basic/simple vanilla ice-cream recipe.

Though the recipe calls for the heavy cream which has a high fat content (for getting the right consistency of ice-cream), to manage the calorie intake, serve the ice-cream in smaller scoops. A portion control is the key!

Here's what I did -

Diwali Ice-cream (12 servings)
Leftover Diwali sweets like barfis/katlis/rolls etc
1 cup Reduced fat milk (Preferably organic, not mandatory)
3 cups Heavy Cream (Preferably organic, not mandatory)

1. Crush all the Diwali sweets by hand.
2. Mix cream, milk and crushed sweets with a fork.
3. Pour in the frozen bowl of Cuisineart ice cream maker.
4. Let it churn for about 30 minutes.
5. A yummy Diwali Ice cream is ready!! Garnish with two Kaju Katlis for an absolutely dramatic effect on your guests!

Note -
1. I kept a few bits and pieces of the sweets but you can even powder them completely using a blender, if you like.

2. Since the sweets are already loaded with plenty of sugar, I didn't add any additional sugar. Give a taste while you are mixing them, and decide if you still want to add some more.

3. You can even add some wet sweets like rasgulla/gulabjamun etc. If you want to add those, squeeze the excess liquid, and chop them before adding.

4. I didn't really measure the amount of crushed barfis since my mission was to get rid of them!;-) But anywhere between 1 to 2 cups should work. Little more or less will not make a difference.

Credits -
1. Asha of Aroma/Foodies hope for her wonderful post about ice-creams & Cuisineart.

2. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazaana - the episode I never saw but just heard from my mom.

3. Cuisineart basic vanilla ice-cream recipe available here.

4. My mom - Well, can't stop by just saying she gave me that half baked recipe of "My" Sanjeev Kapoor. After all, she is my mom. I pretty much owe everything about me to her!

Update -
Oh no!!! Look what I found!! As I was looking for the link for updating Sanjeev Kapoor's name on my blog, I found this!! His well-written Mixed Mithai Kulfi is available on his website. Well, now we know two ways of using the Diwali leftovers!!:-)


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