Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Feast

When I came to United States, I had not heard of Thanksgiving. But I really liked the concept of giving thanks and celebrating. After all, it's all about family gatherings and food. I had to work hard on my taste buds to get adjusted to many of the American foods including mac n' cheese, pizza (too much cheese!!), baked potato, mashed potato! But turkey? I really try hard, but I just can't seem to gobble it. :-)

Since last year, I have started a tradition of our own. I like to use all typical Thanksgiving vegetables and meats (the ones which we eat, anyway!) and create a meal using Indian recipes. I thought of this tradition as a tribute to my natural motherland and adopted motherland.

So last weekend, I made sure that I have bought all the required vegetables & fruits - Pumpkin, sweet potato, potatoes, green beans, cranberries. But I kept thinking hard about Turkey! What's Thanksgiving without Turkey? So I chose to use Turkey Kheema or minced Turkey. I don't think I can actually roast that big turkey ever in my life. But boneless Turkey Kheema was ok.

Then I chose following menu with this American cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. It was truly fusion cooking today. The recipes were entirely based on their roots as shown in the brackets below. Click on the links to go to the recipes.

Pumpkin - Pumpkin Thepla [Gujarat]

Sweet Potato - Mergol [South Canara]

Cranberry - Cranberry Methamba[Maharashtrian]

Green Beans - Farsabichi Koshimbeer [Maharashtra]

Potato - Batatya Gojju [South Canara]

Turkey - Turkey Kheema Matar [Punjab]

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!!

This is how we celebrated the Thanksgiving today - mixing old and new recipes and ingredients and creating some new traditions. I would like to send this post to Meeta's Traditional Feast Monthly Mingle event.


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