Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sweets Mould

When I read Anupama's (of food-n-more) wonderful post about "Food fit for Gods", I couldn't stop ogling at the sweet mould. So next time, when I went to India, I immediately bought it. The label called it - "मुदाल" .

Frankly, I had not heard this name in Marathi before. But more I thought of it, it kind of made sense. When you serve rice especially for Naivedya or weddings, it is generally served by moulding in a small katori. It is called "भाताची मूद" - rice mould. So something which helps you make the mood must be moodala?

Anyways, this small gadget is really helpful in moulding shira or any other mithai. I used this mould to make Khajoor Paak.


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