Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saal Mubarak with Kansaar

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Today is "Bestu Baras" - i.e. a new year for the Gujarati community. I would like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year! Saal Mubarak!!

A must have traditional sweet for the Gujarati new year day is "Kansaar". It is made with finely ground dalia or broken wheat. It can be considered as a sweetened broken wheat porridge.
Here's how we make it.

Kansaar (Serves 4)
1 cup broken wheat (Fine version)
2 cups water
1/2 to 1 cup sugar or jaggery
1 tbsp ghee/clarified butter
5 cardamoms, peeled, crushed
5-7 saffron threads
5 Almonds, slivered
1. Soak broken wheat in some water for about 10 minutes. Remove all the impurities that float. Drain.
2. Add 2 cups water to the broken wheat. Pressure cook for upto 3 whistles.
3. Remove from the cooker. Add sugar or jaggery and ghee.
4. Simmer for few minutes to get the desired consistency.
5. Garnish with cardamom powder, saffron and almonds.
1. If fine variety of broken wheat is not available, you can quickly swirl it in a grinder. Do not make it too fine like wheat flour.
2. You can adjust the sugar according to your sweet tooth.
3. You can make a creamier and richer version by adding 1:1 ratio of milk and water instead of just water.


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