Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Mohanthal! A sinfully rich Gujarati Mithai. Diwali doesn't seem like Diwali if you don't have Mohanthal at a Gujarati household. My mom-in-law has made this wonderful Mohanthal. Sinfully delicious![Look at the proportion of besan to ghee to sugar and you will know why!!] But then Diwali comes once a year, right?;-)

Here's her recipe -

500 gm Coarsely ground besan/chickpea flour
500 gm Ghee/Clarified butter
1 tsp milk
500 gm Sugar
250 gm Khoya/Mawa
12 cardamoms, peeled, seeds crushed
2 tsp saffron
Handful Almond Slivers
Handful Pistachio Slivers

1. Mix besan with ghee and milk. Leave it aside for about one hour. Sift through a colander with large holes.
2. Roast the mixture on a very low flame till it becomes brown. Do not let it burn.
3. Now add Mawa/Khoya. Continue roasting till a nice aroma wafts in.
3. Take off the heat. Add crushed cardamoms and saffron.
4. Pour sugar in a saucepan. Add enough water to barely cover the sugar. Make a 2 thread consistency syrup. Switch off the heat. Add the roasted mixture.
5. Keep stirring till a homogeneous mass is formed.
7. Garnish with almonds and pistachios.
8. Cut into squares.


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