Monday, November 19, 2007

Mint the money!

Mint or Pudina : From my kitchen garden.

I really cringe when I see the prices for mint (or any herb, for that matter!). My aunt N, has a green thumb. She takes the mint stems from the carton (kept in the refrigerated vegetable section), just sticks them in the soil and she actually grows mint. "It's a wild plant, it's very hardy. Try it!" - she said. Well, I tried it. My mint stems just wilted and disappeared. Then I decided that these shortcuts won't work for me as I don't have Aunt N's green thumb. So I planted the mint seeds in the Spring and with lots of patience, finally got the mint plant, that I can call my own!!

Update - Summer 2010
Here's how I planted mint this year. Early spring, I got mint from farmers market. I used the leaves and kept the stalks in a vase filled with water. In about 2-3 days, the stalks got the roots. I planted those stalks with roots in the soil. and as my aunt N says, mint is a wild plant, indeed! In no time, it flourished.


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