Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Udada Appe

Well, I did little bit of cheating. I took the same batter as Biscuit ambode and then put them in the Appe pan. We generally do not do too much of deep frying at our home. Generally all the deep frying activity we leave it for the last week of December. That's the time, we indulge ourselves a bit as within a week, a new year (and new resolution!) is going to ring in.
So when it's not really official deep-frying week of the year, and I was craving for my grandmother's biscuit ambode, I decided to use the same batter. and in the fraction of oil, I got what I wanted. and let me confess, that those appes also appeared in their new avatar here.

Udada Appe

1 cup Urad daal
Few curry leaves
1 green chili, finely diced
1/2" ginger, finely diced
Salt to taste

oil for shallow frying

1. Soak Urad daal in about 3 cups of water overnight.
2. Next morning grind it adding minimum water, preferably in the Indian mixer/grinder like Sumeet. Cover and keep aside for 6 - 8 hours.
3. Take the batter in a container. Mix in remaining ingredients except oil.
4. Heat "Appe Patra" or "Appe Kayili" and add a drop of oil in each depression.
5. Add a spoonful of batter and cover with the lid.
6. Flip the appe to get uniform brown color.
Note -
1.I have recommended Sumeet Grinder because it becomes difficult to grind adding minimum water in other blenders/grinders available here.
2. There is a special spatula made for flipping appe. It is available in metal or wooden style. If you do not have it, you can use a wooden bamboo skewers.
3. If you deep fry small balls of the same batter, they are called Biscuit Ambode in Konkani. See here.


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