Sunday, October 14, 2007

From my bookshelf...The complete Gujarati Cookbook

Tarla Dalal's "The complete Gujarati Cookbook" is an ultimate guide for Gujarati cooking. I just love this book. Every recipe comes out good if you follow the instructions. Another unique characteristic of Tarla Dalal, is that if you email her a question, she actually replies in a day or two. That's amazing. In spite of being India's #1 cookery author, she actually responds to your questions.

Here are some of my favorites from Tarla Dalal's "The Complete Gujarati Cookbook".

1. Komal
Komal is an unusual Gujarati drink, which even I didn't know inspite of being a part of a Gujarati household. This unique drink is a mixture of buttermilk and coconut milk.
2. Amiri Khaman
Amiri Khaman is a wonderful Gujarati snack. I like Tarla Dalal's fool-proof recipe. Traditionally I have seen fresh pink pomegranate seeds sprinkled over the amiri khaman along with crunchy sev. Since I couldn't find the pomegranates, when I cooked amiri khaman, I used diced tomatoes. You need to remove all the seeds and watery pulp before using them as a garnish. The quickest way to make Amiri Khaman is to crumble leftover yellow dhokla. You can certainly use the ready-made Dhokla, but I personally like the texture of Khaman made by soaking/grinding/fermenting chana daal.

3. Kacha Keri no Sambhaar

Generally, Gujarati households (includiing mine!) always have a stock of "Sambhaar" in the pantry - not to be mistaken with South Indian Sambar. Sambhaar can be best described as an instant pickle masala. So you can just quickly add some vegetables/fruits that can be pickled and have an impromptu pickle any time.

4. Bhaat na Raswala Muthiya

It's a comfort food especially for cold wintry evenings. I made the dumplings (Muthiya) using leftover khichdi instead of rice. It's kind of a stew with dumplings and vegetables. A must for those who love home cooked, simple food.

5. Vaal ni daal na Pullao

Sprouted vaals (Lima beans) and rice made a nice combination with chaas (buttermilk). A flavorful yet simple recipe.


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